Weight loss program at home

Weight loss program concept is to lead a healthy life and cut excess fat from the body. Moreover, it is about a solid diet plan to change your eating habit. I am your online coach to guide you on healthy eating. Therefore, you will learn the ways to lose weight naturally. Moreover, it is all about changing your lifestyle and living healthy.

I will allow you to eat your favourite food. Also, you may eat until you are satisfied. However, I will always limit your eating hours. So, food will get digested properly. Again, I will be checking all your food intake daily. Then I will provide you with a complete suggestion about portion control comparing the previous day calories.

You will experience significant changes in your body after following my rules. Consequently, you will feel that you are becoming slim. That is what my weight loss program is all about. Furthermore, you may follow my guide for at least one month to get the most of it. Also, you will be leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet plan.

You do not need to follow any commercial exercise. However, I will often advise you for purpose exercise. For example, cleaning kitchen burns 4 kilocalories per minute. Also, there are several other lessons of my weight loss program. Perhaps, you are already doing some of them at home like cooking and cleaning. Furthermore, you have to increase activity level.

Losing weight is not a natural thing for any human body. So, your body will try to make progress after losing some real load. Therefore, you must need to be careful about the food you eat. Again, you will be cutting your excess fat with my balanced diet formula. Furthermore, you will only eat real foods instead of processed ones.

7-day diet plan for weight loss

I will provide you with a weekly diet plan. So, you can take advantage. Naturally, I go for moderate level diet. For example, you may have all your favourite foods but cut the sugar. Also, you must cut caffeine as it blocks energy and takes six hours to pass. Again, I will be limiting your eating hours.

You may have enough vegetables as your carbohydrate. Perhaps, I will be limiting you on refined carbohydrates in my weight loss program. Oil is another thing that I will cut in half. Then I will go for a moderate amount of protein. For example, 100 grams of protein is enough for a person of 220 pounds weight.

You can eat chicken and fish separately. Eggs are better than them as it turns into maximum protein. Perhaps, lots of people will ask you to go for lean cuts, but I will advise to go for the fat. The main reason is fat do not trigger insulin and makes you full for a long time. Furthermore, I will take care of your fat intake and increase that.

For example, you may eat fat in between moderate and high level. Please note, I am not asking you to go for saturated but solid ones. Furthermore, avocado is a good option. On the other hand, nuts and coconut oil are also good for your body. They will make you full for a long time and work as an alternative to sugar. So, you will not be craving your favourite foods.

To sum up, you will be eating moderate carbohydrate and protein. Again, you may go in between moderate and high quantity fat in my weight loss program. It takes 18 kilocalories to burn one gram protein and carbohydrate, but only three kilocalories to burn one gram fat.

Weight loss program at home exercise

You can easily do that through a balanced diet and purpose exercise at home. I believe I have already taught you about the first one. So, let’s discuss the purpose exercise levels now. First of all, it is all about purpose and movement. The more you move your body, the more weight you will lose.

Let me make things more clear for you. I believe, you already move your body for several purposes every day. For example, you are already putting around one thousand footsteps every day. This example includes shopping, cleaning the house and other stuffs. Therefore, you just need to increase the volume by at least one and a half times.

Let me discuss another example with you. So, you will be getting a clear idea of what I am asking you to do. Moving from one room to another every hour for two minutes will result in more than half an hour movement every day. Perhaps, you will be able to increase that and set one hour through moving twice for four minutes every hour.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of purpose exercise at home in our weight loss program. This kind of movement burns around three to four kilocalories per minute. On the other hand, you are doing this for an hour a day. That will result in two hundred and forty kilocalories per day. Let’s count that as two hundred and fifty kilocalories.

Finally, you will burn seventy-five hundred kilocalories in a month. In other words, you will experience an additional two pounds of weight loss every month. Now, let’s think about one step further. What if you perform the same amount of purpose exercise for a year? To sum up, you will be losing an additional 25 pounds in a year in this way.

Conclusion – My final advice for you

My weight loss program will lead you to a healthy life. Also, you will be losing all the excess fat from your body. In other words, you will get a flat stomach and slim figure. However, losing more than four lb per month is not recommended. Therefore, you must target for maximum four pounds of weight loss every single month.

You will experience massive weight loss at the first stage while following my weight loss program. However, the result will slow down after a specific period. For example, a person with 200 lb of weight will lose 20 pounds in a short period. However, it will take some time to lose the rest. That is because your body always recover itself after losing weight.

You do not need to worry about that in this stage. That is because I also know the formula that will work now. You have to deficit your meals and limit your carbohydrate intake to take the maximum advantage. Also, you have to limit your eating window to six hours maximum. So, your body will get enough time to digest all the food.

Furthermore, you have to move often. It will result in weight loss at this specific stage. For example, it is a good idea to go for your regular shopping by walking instead of transport. Also, you may increase your at-home activity a bit more. I mean, you may often clean your house including your kitchen.

Finally, you may follow the rule in your regular life even after you get your goal weight. That is because changing your lifestyle again may lead you with weight gain again. However, this time you may not go for high-level movement. Finally, I will go for a moderate level this time. Therefore, you will get a moderate diet.

Last modified: May 3, 2020