Lose 100 pounds in a year (Proven Rules)

lose 100 pounds

I am about to share my principles thought which you will be able to lose 100 pounds in a year. First of all, I need a clear mindset for you. Then simply follow the steps that I will list in this article.

1. Start your day with lukewarm water.
2. Eat only when you are hungry.
3. Eat your favorite food to avoid the craving.
4. Stop when you are full.
5. Eat one meal a day.
6. Watch and enjoy every mouthful.
7. Chew your food properly.
8. Do not mix carbohydrates with fat.
9. Do not mix protein with sugar or sweet.
10. Only eat homemade food for proper nutrition.
11. Set your plate with half protein and fat plus half veggies.
12. Eat enough fiber-rich food.
13. Cut down sugar and coffee along with hidden sugar to zero.
14. Maintain a food journal and track weight loss progress.
15. Cut down simple carbohydrate fruits that are hard to digest.
16. Drink water after an hour.
17. Drink plenty of water often.
18. Only eat only in the day time.
19. Give your body a break for 18 to 23 hours every day.
20. Take a cold but not ice shower.
21. Sleep at least 8 hours every night to lose 100 pounds.
22. Perform purpose exercises like cleaning the house.
23. Do not count calories.
24. Do not purchase unnecessary groceries.
25. Take cold bath once a week.

Start your day with lukewarm water to lose 100 pounds

It is really a great idea to start your day with lukewarm water. Your body will immediately start producing heat in this way. On the other hand, you will be starting this process with an empty stomach. So, your body will not have food to produce heat. Therefore, that lukewarm water in an empty stomach will burn the maximum fat as per your body capability.

This process will make your digestive system active. Therefore, you will experience that you are releasing lots of toxins at the beginning of the day. The more toxin you will lose the more weight you will lose for sure. On the other hand, your body will be out of insulin or less insulin at this time. So, it will produce human growth hormone. To sum up, it will become a solid fat burning matching until you go for your first meal.

Also, it is a great way to step forward with your journey to lose 100 pounds of body weight. An interesting fact is that you will lose a solid fat weight in this way. It will not get back again until you overeat or eat unless you are really hungry.

Eat only when you are hungry to lose 100 pounds

The human body produces maximum temperature when gets hungry. Therefore, we must only eat when we are hungry. It is not a good idea to eat if you are not hungry but craving only. Perhaps, craving is the main reason for your weight gain or obesity.

The idea is to make you hungry properly. I mean, you must let your stomach get the maximum heat before you eat. Food will get digested within less than an hour in your stomach in this way. Normally food takes three hours before passing from our stomach to the intestine. However, following this one simple rule will lead your stomach clear within an hour or less.

Consequently, you will notice that you are losing weight. In other words, if our meal gets digested within less time, then our body will struggle less to digest it. Also, it will get more time to heal itself. Please note that the result will only be able to take place within a thirty-day time frame.

Eat your favorite food to avoid the craving

You must only eat your favorite food as you will be eating once a day only. Else if you restrict yourself from your favorite food, then you will definitely be craving all day. So, now the question is, what’s so wrong with craving while you are not eating. Well, the shocking news is, you will not be losing body fat, but only burn sugar while craving.

On the other hand, eating your favorite food is a sort of self-satisfaction. Therefore, you will not be craving and definitely can go for a long time without food. Now the question is what if you eat lots of carbohydrates as it’s your favorite food group? Perhaps, you like rice or bread or pasta. So, please make sure about only homemade food and whole grain items.

A simple trick to lose 100 pounds of weight is to add more vegetables to your meal. So, you will get more dietary fiber in this way. In other words, you feel that your stomach is full as it will have fiber in it. So, you will not be eating constantly and lose more weight.

I will discuss this vegetable portion somewhere at the bottom of this post. Also, I will write the benefits of different vegetables along with their nutrition facts in my blog. SO, you will get a clear idea and also able to take maximum advantage while losing 100 pounds of body weight.

Stop eating when you are full to avoid overeating

Overeating is one that is responsible for our weight gain. Therefore, if you stop eating when you are full, you will surely lose 100 pounds. Now there are two main questions regarding this section. Firstly, how it will prevent my weight gain? Second, how it will help to lose weight?

Please note that your body is not a normal but the most complicated machine with sensor in it. Therefore, it releases fat hormone from it’s brain whenever our stomach get full. In other words, it is a solid signal that your body is reaching is capability to digest more foods before your next meal. So, eating more food while stomach full leads to weight gain.

So, how it will gain the weight I am talking about? Well, it will simply store the excess food in the form of fat in our body. Mostly our body stores them in the mid section of our body. Then it stores to the available parts of body. The purpose of this storage is to use in future. But we never give our body the time to use it and simply go for frequent meals.

Now I will go for the fat burning process of not overeating. As I have already answered how it works and helps to gain extra weight. So, you stopped eating when you are full. So, your body will not get chance to make them fat and store. I will discuss more on the fact in the next paragraph now.

Eat one meal a day and lose 100 pounds

So, if you do not eat for 16 hours, then your body will use it’s storage and you will lose up to 100 grams of body fat in this way. Now let’s calculate the facts and check how much body weight we can lose in this way. Again please make sure that it will only happen if you only eat once ever 24 hours.

You will lose at least 100 grams to 250 grams of body fat every day. It depends on your body weight and the volume of stored fat you have. That means, you will lose at least 3 kilograms per month, which is six and half pounds. So, you can easily lose more than 35 kilograms, which is more than 75 pounds of weight in a single year.

But we have to lose another 25 pounds. Do not worry. We can easily lose more than that with just purpose exercise. I will discuss that in next parts of this article.

Watch and enjoy every mouthful

Please consider watch and enjoy every mouthful before sending in stomach. You will be completely satisfied and feel less hungry for the entire day in this way. On the other hand, your brain will get signal that you are getting enough food. So, you will not be craving for food anymore for the day.

To be more specific, I am asking you to stay out of phone, laptop, television and similar devices while eating. So, you can concentrate on what you are eating. An study shows that people eat less than usual when watch each mouthful before sending to stomach.

To sum up this point, you will crave less and eat less through watching every mouthful before sending in mouth. In other words, you will be one step ahead to lose 100 pounds through following this simple rule.


You must follow my rules to lose 100 pounds if you are really serious. Consequently you will see that your body is changing month after month. Body weight will also get decreased through following my rules. This is a weight loss plan that you can follow for 365 days a year.

Moreover, I am also available to support you via email or phone to lose weight. You can always email me to admin at wlprogram and i will be guiding you with my professional weight loss strategies. My strategies are completely different than others. I demand that, no other human knows about human body more than me.

Last modified: 22 March 2021