7 Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss

7 day diet plan is all about eating healthy to lose weight. Losing weight to become healthy is our first mistake. So, we will become healthy to lose weight. Finally, you will lose some serious weight this week.

Again, we will be avoiding some serious mistakes of our daily life. Think about the time it took to gain the weight that you are trying to lose. I strongly believe, you will say two to five years. Can you lose the exact same amount of weight in just couple of days?

Now you are thinking, how much should I lose per week then? Simple answer is one pound a week. So, if you want to lose fifty pounds, it will take fifty weeks. In short, you will be losing four pounds a month with this simple diet plan.

However, you can lose another additional pound through exercise. I am not asking you to go over the gym. You can burn calories while doing moderate activities. For example, cleaning kitchen burns four calories every minute.

You will lose one pound through burning 3500 kilo calories. So, you have to eat 500 less kilo calories. Also, you have to burn 500 kilo calories working at home. To sum up, you will lose two pounds in seven days. Again, you may setup your 7 day diet plan with exercise accordingly. So, you will lose the maximum weight as per your body capacity.

Your body will try it’s level best to recover after you lose ten percent. For example, you are 300 ponds. So, you will lose 30 additional pounds easily. That is your water weight. However, your body will start recovering after reaching 270 pounds. So, you will find it difficult to lose weight after that. Let’s start planning the 7 day diet plan.

Planning meals for 7 day diet

First of all, you will intake one thousand calories per meal maximum. On the other hand, we will go for maximum 15 meals a week. So, you will be getting 1500 kcal per week. In short, your body will burn 2500 kcal for 250 pounds or 3000 kcal for 300 pounds. To sum up, you will be burning, ten thousand and five hundred kcal for 300 pounds body weight. So, two fifty pounds body weight will burn 2500 kcal in a single week with this plan.

Now the question is, what to include in our 1500 kcal meal? Simple answer is, one third carbohydrate, same percentage of protein and again one third of fat. However, I recommend to add more fats through cutting carbohydrate and protein with an additional 10 to 20 percent. So, it will be 25 plus 25 plus 50.

Meal choices are different for different countries. In short, different country people eat different things. However, the basics are same – carbohydrate, protein and fat. I strongly recommend you to go for whole grain while it comes to energy source. Also, take a deep note now. The note is, do not take carbohydrate with fat. For example, pizza and burgers are the solid combinations of the same.

Another combination is protein with sugar. You may not mix them together. Furthermore, this combination is also very hard to digest. For example, drinking juice while eating egg, meat or fish. Also, you may not go for double protein at the same time. For example, eating fish and meat together. Another example is eating egg and fish or eating meat and egg together. Those combinations are really hard to digest for your body. Fish takes four to six hours to digest, but egg needs only an hour.

Ideal meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner

First of all, there is no food chart that you need to follow. Therefore, you will be eating your favorite food. Else, you will be craving your favorite food for all the day. Finally, you will end up eating lots of food at the end of the day. However, you must need to maintain your eating window.

I recommend you to take meals 8 hours a day. So, take rest for 16 hours and go for your favorite meals for 8 hours a day. As a result, your brain will take challenge for those sixteen hours. Also, your body will get enough time to digest all the food you intake.

Now, the question is, what you will be eating. Although there is no restriction on eating, but there are restrictions on carbohydrate, protein and fat. So, we will be maintaining the ideal ratio of 30 plus 30 plus 40 for carb protein and fat.

Like we will intake 1500 Cal and therefore 125 grams of carb, 125 grams of protein and 55 grams of fat. So, it will become 500 Cal carb, 500 Cal protein and 500 Cal fat.

Now you know the intake limit for burning your body fat. So, let’s start modifying our meals accordingly. One last thing is your cheat day. In short, you may not restrict calories at least one day every week. However, you must make sure about healthy calories in that cheat day also.

What is the ideal carb, protein and fat intake for you

First, let’s talk about carbohydrate. As we know, our intake limit is now 125 grams of carb. To sum up, 4 Calories in each gram of carb. So, the total limit is 500 Cal. However, we may increase the intake limit until we get satisfied.

I recommend you to take over vegetables and salad. As a result, you will intake less calories through eating more food. On the other hand, veggies will make you satisfied for sure. In an average, vegetable contains 20 to 30 Calories in each 100 grams. While other carbs like rice, bread or whole grains contain 400 Cal per 100 grams.

So, it is a good idea to go for 100 grams of whole grain with 400 Cal. So, you still have 100 Cal limit left. In other words, you may add 500 grams of veggies in your meal. So, it will satisfy your stomach. However, you can go for 250 grams of veggies and 250 grams of salad.

Now let’s talk about protein. Fish, meat, eggs, lentil and same group of foods contain the maximum protein. However, vegetarians and vegans prefer soy products in their diet.

So, how much protein you are planning to intake? My suggestion for you is 125 grams. To be more specific, fish has 120, meat has 100 to 400 calories on chicken and beef. However, the volume will definitely increase depending on the fat volume like oil and saturated fat in those protein items.

Finally, we will discuss about the fat intake. We have a limit of 50 to 55 grams of fat. You can easily get that from all kind of nuts. However, whole egg also contains fat which is good for your health. 100 grams of peanuts or walnuts contain 50 grams of fat.


You must need to maintain a food journal. So, you will have all the necessary control over your food intake. Moreover, you are what you eat.

Dieting is not about skipping meal or eating less. However, it is all about cutting calories with healthy food intake. You will not be going to get instant result. For example, if it takes two years to gain weight, then it is not possible to lose the same weight in two days or even two weeks. To sum up, it is definitely possible to lose one pound to two pounds every week.

Again you will gain the same volume of weight through following old habits. So, you must always need to be careful with your health and fitness.

Therefore, my final suggestion to you is – eat healthy live well. Again, never skip your meals to lose weight. That is because, it is one of the main weight gaining reasons. However, you must always maintain your eating windows.

Finally, you are most welcome to join our weight loss program. Then we will maintain your food journal weekly. Consequently, you will experience improvement in your health. We are offering several effective weight loss programs.

Last modified: April 30, 2020