Calorie deficit to lose 2 pounds a week

Calorie deficit to lose 2 pounds a week simply means going high and low with your meal quantity. It is all about the way your body responses to each meal.

Asking this question simply means you are willing to lose weight. Therefore, I have written a complete solution for you. Simply maintain them and start losing weight right from now.

Table of content
1. Calculate calorie deficit
2. Daily calorie intake
3. Workout plan
4. Eat more lose more
5. Meal plan and grocery list
6. Vegetarian diet plan

How to calculate calorie deficit

First of all, write down your calorie intake. Count 4 Calories for every single gram of carb and protein food groups. Then count 9 Calories for each gram of fat. Finally, write down your activities to calculate how much energy you burned.

Also, please do not forget to add 10 times more calories than your body weight in pounds. Consequently, add all the food calories and write down the exact count. Then subtract the expenditure units. So, you will be able to know how much calorie deficit you performed.

For example, a person of 200 lbs needs 2000 Cal every day. Intake of 1500 energy units and burning 500 units of energy through exercise will lead to 1000 Calorie deficit. To sum up, that specific person will lose approximate 2 pounds of body fat weight in a week.

How many calories should I eat

You need to eat at least 1500 to 2000 Calories a day to lose weight. It is not a good idea to eat carb more than 40 by 100 times the total volume. For instance, carb energy units must need to be less than 800. As we all know, one gram carb equals 4 Cal. So, you may not eat more than 200 grams of carb in a single day.

The previous paragraph of calculation was for maintaining weight. However, you must cut down your carb intake to maximum 100 grams if you seriously want to lose weight. In other words, that will be a maximum of 400 Calories of carbohydrate food groups.

One last thing is mixing carb with fat, which is the most dangerous combination. The reason is digesting time and efforts of this combination. In short, it takes a long time to get digested and also your body struggles a lot during the process.

Again, if you are willing to lose weight, then stop counting calories and cut down the sugar to zero. You will get a solid result which is more then you expected.

Eating 1200 calories a day and not losing weight

This is the most frequent statement that I get from my obese patients. I always ask them to stop counting calories and concentrate on food quality. No offence, but they do not follow my advice and gain weight after losing some carb insulin weight.

You are only counting calories, but not paying deep attention to nutrition and minerals. As a result, your body is not getting enough nutrients to perform its daily activities.

Perhaps, you are struggling a lot with food while following 1200 Cal diet plan. Similarly facing enough craving issues in this way. As per my study, my patients are getting frustrated seeing that they are not losing weight. So, they start emotional eating at the end. Therefore, they end up with lots of unnecessary carb plus fat combinations.

I have two advises for this kind of situation. First, do not ever go for carb plus fat combination. Second, do not also go for protein plus sweet or sugar combinations. Finally, chew food properly and maintain six hours of eating window. That’s it and you will lose the maximum weight even without counting 1200 Calories in your diet.

1500 calorie meal plan and grocery list

I will set the meal plan and grocery list with a perfect combination. So, you can start performing a calorie deficit. First of all, let’s start with fat. Get some coconut oil and olive oil for good fat source. Avocado, peanuts, cashew nuts and wall nuts are also a good source of fat. However, my favourite fat source is the egg in the boiled version with a sprinkle of black pepper and mustard oil.

Now that we have completed the fat food group shopping, let’s start shopping protein. By the way, typical so-called vegetarians like me prefer plant-based proteins. For example, you can go for buffalo or cow milk, but I prefer coconut milk and peanut milk. I demand that my version is tastier than yours. Enough of gossip, let’s jump into the shopping now.

Consider putting meat and fish in your bag. Do not go for lean cuts, but always put fat versions of protein in your bag. For example, meat and fish with fat in it releases insulin slowly compared to lean cuts that spikes in moderate volume. Next, go for lentil which is most important for a human body. Therefore, consider having at least 200 grams of lentil every day to fill your zinc requirement.

Finally, it’s time for carbohydrate. Look, you must strict to the vegetable as your carb sources if you are seriously willing to lose weight. In other words, let’s forget about bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, muffin and other similar food groups. Finally cut down your sugar to zero and start losing weight right now.

1500 calorie diet plan vegetarian

Here we go with our meal plan. I am a so-called vegetarian or you can say half vegan. So, I have a solid meal plan for you with delicious foods. Following my 1500 Calories, a meal plan will lead you to weight loss.

Start your first meal with eggs to get the most benefit. Do not include any other protein with that. By the way, you must stop drinking water before 40 minutes to an hour of your first meal. Consequently, finish a large bowl of vegetables with mustard oil. Do not forget to sprinkle some black pepper for better taste. Sometimes I consider sprinkling some chia seeds on top for extra Fiber. So, it makes me full for longer.

Then I always take a break of an hour before I go for water. However, I prefer to have a cup of large tea or coffee after an hour of breakfast. I do not know why I do not like to have sugar or caffeine in my coffee.

By the way, I think you guys call this version of coffee as milk. You may also go for coconut milk or peanut milk for an amazing taste. Cashew nuts and wall nuts are also delicious as milk version. Please note, you just need to make sure about 35 ml of water or fluid for every kilogram of your body weight. In other words, drink enough water to function your body.

Finally, I go for the final meal of the day after a couple of hours. A large bowl of salad with olive oil topping is my favourite choice for this meal. At least 200 grams to a maximum of 300 grams lentil is my preferred choice to end the meal with a calorie deficit.

Lose 2 pounds a week workout

The main purpose of the exercise is to get a beautiful body shape. Moreover, you will be able to lose some additional weight along with calorie deficit in this way. I will discuss two groups of exercises in this section. First, weight lifting exercise to burn some real fat from your body. Second, purpose exercises to lose some additional calories through burning energy.

So, what is weight lifting?

Weight lifting is holding some weight in your hand. Perhaps, it is sounding so easy, but it is not. For example, holding two bottles of two litters each means holding four litters. You can pull them up and push down to balance the load. Doing this practice for an hour burns more than five hundred Calories.

Again, what is purpose exercise?

It is all about your activities. For instance, you have to move your body with purpose often. Cleaning kitchen, bedroom and other parts of the house are also parts of purpose exercise. Also, it is a good idea to go out for shopping results in a calorie deficit as this kind of activities burn energy from the human body.

How much weight I will lose with them?

Let’s calculate that in real-time to have a better experience. For instance, you have to perform weight lifting for an hour a day. Also, two hours of purpose exercise a day is usual for any moderate active human being.

To sum up, the combination will result in a 1000 Calorie deficit from your body. Which mean, you will be losing 8 to 10 pounds a month in this way. Please note that it only burns your body fat, but not lean muscle. Therefore, the weight loss volume will get decreased month by month.

Q. How many calories in a pound?

A pound equals 3500 Calories. However, the concept is different comparing to the human body. It works with hormones and does not even know what is a calorie deficit. It takes 3500 units of energy to burn one pound of body weight. That is what the weight loss science is all about.

Q. How many calories do I burn a day?

Your body burns 10 Calorie per pound of body weight in sedentary mode. Furthermore, the more activity you perform, the more calories you will burn. For instance, a person with 250 pounds of weight burns 2500 Calories every single day in sedentary mode.

The same person burns 3500 Calories in moderate mode and 4000 Calories in highly active mode. To sum up, eating 2500 Calories with a high activity level can burn up to 13 pounds of body weight.

Q. How to lose 2 pounds a week?

Eat more and burn more. Cut down sugar and caffeine to lose the maximum weight. Read the article content on top will provide you with complete information. For instance, 2 pounds of weight is 7000 Calories. To sum up, you have to burn 500 Calories from the meal and the same amount of energy from exercise.

Q. How many calories to lose a pound a day?

Burn 3500 Calories to lose a pound a day. However, as per my experience, you will gain some solid weight through burning 3500 Calories a day. Consequently, you will feel that you have very less energy left in the body. Suddenly, you will experience that you are in hospital and loading your body with saline water.

To sum up, you will gain more weight instead of losing body fat in this way. Therefore, it is never a good idea to lose 3500 Calories or one pound of body weight in a day.

Q. How to lose 2 pounds a week by walking?

Walk for 40 minutes a day in moderate pace and always move your body at home. Let’s see if we can lose 2 pounds a week by walking. Your body will start to get in warm-up mode when you start the walking process. It will start to burn five kilocalories every single minute within five minutes of this process.

Consequently, the human body increases the calorie deficit limit to 6 Cal per minute from 5 Cal. However, this process naturally starts from the tenth minute and continue for twenty to thirty more minutes depending on your age. Then it goes down to normal. In other words, it will bring you no good to walk in pace after 40 minutes.

Now let’s calculate the amount of calorie deficit we will be performing with this process. First five minutes four calories equal twenty calories. Then five calories for five-minute equal twenty-five calories and total forty-five calories so far. Then six Calories for thirty minutes which is hundred and eighty Calories.

That means, we have a calorie deficit of total 225 Calories a day. We will be able to burn maximum 1575 Calories in a week in this way. Therefore, my question is, how can you think of two pounds a week of calorie deficit by walking?

Q. How to lose 1 pound a week with exercise?

Perform weight lifting exercise at home to lose one pound a week. It refers to holding some solid weight for a specific period. Make sure to go for a one-minute gap after holding one minute. For instance, you can start this process with one to two litres of water bottle with water in it.

Furthermore, you may not feel fatigued during the process. Please note that it is not possible to lose even a single pound of weight while in fatigue mode. Therefore, always make sure about at least 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep to recover your body. Else, you will be losing lean muscle instead of fat which is not recommended.


Losing weight is not about calorie deficit. Therefore, you must need to concentrate on the quality of your food intake. Moreover, eating real and organic food is one of the essential conditions to lose weight.

By the way, I have lots of things going on in my mind. Consequently, I will update this post every couple of months again and again. So, it will get updated to comply with the rules of time.

Please consider emailing me to the given email on the top of my WLProgram with your weight loss related question. I will be more than happy to answer them without any cost. In conclusion, I am always up to burn your body fat in exchange for your Sunday morning coffee. That is because of the caffeine in coffee blocks energy expenditure capacity of the body for a long time.

Last modified: May 16, 2020