Lose belly fat in a month at home

You will learn the ways to lose belly fat naturally at home in this article. Moreover, it is about getting rid of your overall body obesity in a month.

First of all, belly fat is not a weight problem, but it is a combination of hormone problem along with high cortisol. Therefore, you cannot get your diet to work for this specific issue. That is because diets do not lower cortisol, but calories.

Belly fat is a survival mechanism. Your body is holding fat in your belly to protect you against starvation. The more stress you will add the more belly fat you will gain. We have to do something to lower our body cortisol to lose belly fat.

So, what is the solution to this specific problem? The simple answer is lowering your cortisol to get the maximum result. It is an adrenal hormone and it jumps up very high because of our stress. This gland always raises up with our stress levels. A simple solution is weight lifting exercises to lose belly fat.

Another simple solution is to completely avoid stressful people. At least you can minimize the number of this kind of people. In this way, you will not allow body fat to grow in its own way. Again, you can lose your belly fat naturally by having a sound sleep.

What foods to eat to lose belly fat naturally

I am not willing to limit your food choice, because a human body cannot live with only a certain quantity of groceries. Therefore, let’s make things easier with three food groups. First one is the carbohydrate and the second one is protein. Finally, the third one is fat, which is the most important one.

So, how much is the quantity that I recommend for you? First of all, you have to limit your carbohydrate intake. That is because having an excessive volume of carb means turning them into body fat.

How much carbohydrate you can eat

As per a study, an average overweight or obese human eats more than 300 grams of carb. However, my recommendation is not more than fifty grams of carbohydrate. Your body can perfectly survive with this quantity.

It is important to make sure about the quality of the carbohydrate you are eating. For example, eating bread, pasta, cereal and crackers are not a good idea. Moreover, this kind of carbohydrate will provide you with lots of body fat. In other words, simply avoiding them means simply preventing your belly fat to grow.

Similarly eating fresh green vegetable means flushing your excess fat from the body. So, it is one of the fastest ways to lose belly fat naturally. Also, there are several nutritions along with lots of fiber in vegetables. This specific combination will make you thirsty and you will end up drinking lots of water.

Make your insulin level to zero

To know the process first you need to know how a human body works. There are two main fuel sources in the human body. One of them is fat and the next one is stored sugar. It is not a good idea to use muscle protein as your fuel source. That is because it will make you sick for sure. However, that is the third fuel source that our body can work live with.

Now let’s talk about fat and sugar. The human body can store sugar as fuel and it is known as glycogen. It can run your muscle and liver. Releasing time of this glycogen is when you do not eat.

Fat burning hormones trigger the fat. Also, it releases enzymes to melt the fat. This enzyme is known as lipase. They are hormone perceptive fat enzymes that often break your food down. Finally, the fat-making hormones trigger sugar storage and turn them into fat. This is how the entire process works in our body.

That means, you are not burning fat, but burning your body sugar. It is also known as glucose. In other words, you are losing temporary body water weight. Then you are hitting a plateau. Perhaps, you are thinking that is the actual fat, but it is actually not. To sum up, you are never actually burning fat from your body. Now the question is, how to make sure that you are burning fat or sugar?

How to control your sugar and burn fat

Insulin is the controller of fat and sugar. For instance, having insulin in your body, even in a small amount means, you are not burning fat. Again it is a dominating hormone that prevents your body from burning fat. To make it more clear, first, your body burns insulin and then burns fat once the first process completed. Please take note that, sugar triggers insulin the maximum.

The more sugar or even hidden sugar you are eating, the more you are spiking the insulin in your body. The more you are delaying your body fat burning process. Now, what if you eat sugar in moderate amount? Well, it doesn’t mean that you are burning half of the fat. Again, it is not possible to burn fat in the presence of even a little bit of insulin.

So, the simple solution to losing belly fat is to cut down sugar and hidden sugar from your diet. It is all about lifestyle change. To be more specific, it takes four to six weeks to get into the format. However, it takes exact sixty-six days to build a strong habit.

Most people try diets for a week or two. Then they do not get results and instantly leave. Some of them replace their present form of eating to another diet. Let’s make the thing clear for you. Not losing weight or body fat doesn’t mean that the formula is not working. So, if you give up before that particular time, you will not lose belly fat naturally.

Moreover, it is not a simple process, because your body is used to live on sugar or you can say insulin. It is not an easy task to replace that with fat. By the way, fat triggers insulin the slowest compared to carbohydrate and protein.

Last modified: May 1, 2020