How to lose weight at home

I am about to share how to lose weight at home. This article is based on my personal experience with obese patients and the practice of several years.

By the way, I am researching the human body for a couple of years. As per my experience, if it takes a couple of years to become obese, then it will take time to get rid of excess body fat.

The best way is to become healthy first to lose weight. In other words, you have to get in healthy habits first in order to get long term results. It takes some time to get into a healthy lifestyle. So, it is not a good idea to expect results within a couple of days. Then quit if not getting expected result.

Chances are, your body is healing in its way and taking preparation to lose weight. So, if you can follow the rules of this article for a couple of months, then you will completely get rid of excess body fat.

Actually this article is based on my personal experience with obese patients. So, I will cover topics as per their questions and my answers. In other words, I am writing knowledge-based conversations in this content. So, you will get a complete idea about how to lose weight at home.

What is the fastest way to lose weight at home?

Intermittent fasting and calorie deficit together is the fastest way to lose weight. However, the quality of food that you are eating is also another key fact. For example, one large cup of coffee contains only one to two kilocalories. It blocks the energy spending capacity of your body for six hours.

On the other hand, four ounces (112 grams) of ground beef has more than 200 calories. It has half of the daily required zinc in this quantity. So, it boosts the functions of a human body. As a result, you get quality sleep and your enzymes will get activated. So, foods will get digested fast.

The next question they ask is what is the benefit of intermittent fasting and calorie deficit together?

Benefits of intermittent fasting for burning fat

It is all about limiting the eating hours only. For instance, you may eat 6 hours and take rest from eating for the next 18 hours. So, your body gets enough time to digest food. This is one of the effective ways to lose weight at home.

Our body is not designed to eat all day. Perhaps, you are breaking the rule and gaining weight because of that. So, you must try intermittent fasting to lose weight at home. Please note, snacking between meals are not allowed while you are fasting.

This is not one week or one-month result process. Perhaps, it can take up to several months before your body gets the real benefit from it. However, you will be experiencing several benefits of it while limiting eating hours. For instance, you will be able to get rid of craving and hunger pain.

Also, you will get new cells developed in your brain while performing intermittent fasting. As a result, you will be able to think in a different way. Also, you will be experiencing that your body is changing. I know it’s painful to change your eating habit. You know one thing? Every time you get pain, it is a sign that your body is changing.

Benefits of calorie deficit to lose weight at home

A calorie deficit is a combination of mixed quantity meals. For example, you may eat three meals a day for three days. Then go for two meals a day for the next three days. Then go for one meal a day for the seventh day. Repeating the process will burn actual fat from your body.

Let me make things clear to make you understand how it really works. Suppose, you are used to eating 3 meals a day and snacking 3 times a day. That means you are triggering insulin six times a day. By the way, insulin is the fat-storing hormone which is responsible for your weight gain.

Now you are performing calorie deficit. So, you are limiting your eating time to six hours and allowing your body for 18 hours to digest them. On the other hand, you are eating three meals a day for three days. That means you are not snacking between meals. Again that means, you are not triggering insulin, but growth hormone to your body.

Think about the next three days. Now you are eating two meals a day, but your body demands more. Therefore, it will use it’s stored fat to maintain regular activity. So, now you are burning the actual body fat weight. It is possible to burn up to 300 grams of body fat within three days in this way.

Now think about the seventh day of the week. We have a plan for one meal today. So, our body will be burning more fat today. That is because it needs the energy to continue its activity. To sum up, we will be losing the maximum weight from our body in this way. Please note, overdoing this process can make your metabolism slow. Therefore always perform calorie deficit accordingly.

Please give me a food chart to lose weight at home

A human body cannot limit their food intake within a chart. That is what animals do for a living. Our supreme Lord has permitted us to eat natural food from nature. Therefore, there is no point to restrict the human body with a restricted food chart.

Perhaps, the following food chart will work for you perfectly.
1. Eat what you like.
2. Only eat when you are hungry.
3. Stop when you are full.

You will be losing the maximum weight only if you can follow these three essential rules. By the way, here are some additional rules for my chart to the answer to your so-called food chart.

Additional rules to lose weight at home

1. Stop drinking water an hour before and after eating food.
2. Serve food on a blue plate. So, you will eat less by default.
3. Watch everything before putting in mouth.
4. Only eat your favourite food. Else you will be craving all day.
5. Enjoy every mouthful of whatever you eat.
6. Chew food properly to melt them in the mouth.
7. Do not watch television or use a phone, laptop or any other device while eating.

How these rules will help you to lose weight

First of all, you haven’t drink water for an hour. So, there is no chance to get digestive juice diluted while you eat. By the way, the human body produces digestive juice whenever it chews food.

Now, the meal has been served on a blue plate. A human body cannot look at a blue plate for a long time. Chances are you will end up eating less in this way. Perhaps, this can be a reason for eating less and losing some serious fat. In this situation, your body will cut down a hundred grams of fat from body storage. So, you will lose weight at home easily in this way.

Next, you are watching the food before sending in the mouth. So, your brain is getting food signals. In other words, it is making sure that you are having food. So, you will not crave all day. Maximum people use a laptop or mobile devices while eating. In this way, their brain does not get food signal and they get hungry again soon.

Eat more calories and lose more weight

So, now that the previous three steps are done, we will go for the fourth step. In other words, we have to concentrate on our food now. First of all, you may only eat your favourite meal. So, you will not be craving all day. Also, you will eat less compared to other days in this way.

Again we will be enjoying every mouthful in this way. It is one of the proven ways to get satisfied with your meals. Once you get satisfied, you will not be craving and not be ending up with lots of unnecessary refined carb during the day. I recommend you to add varieties of colourful vegetables in your blue plate to make it eye-catching.

Consider enjoying each and every mouthful while eating a meal. This is one of the most suitable ways to make your brain satisfied. The brain of a human body has a visual space setup where it decorates the foods. Study shows that the more colourful the meal, the more satisfied a brain. Again it is another logical way to get rid of the craving.

Once all the previous parts are set, now it is the time to chew food properly to lose weight at home. It is recommended to chew at least thirty-two times while eating. Everything will be breaking down properly in this way. So, your stomach will not be struggling to break them down before going to the digesting process.

Finally, turn off the television, laptop, mobile or any similar device while eating. That is because it is not a good idea to concentrate anywhere else while you are eating. The more you can concentrate on your plate, the more you can get satisfied. Therefore, you will not be getting hungry early before going to the next meal.

Why I am not losing weight?

This is the first question that I often get from my obese patients. After a small question-answer conversation session, I get to know the things that they are doing wrong. There are several reasons for not losing weight.

First, you are having fast food or dinner in restaurants. One common thing in both of them is MSG. The full form of this chemical is monosodium glutamate. Most of the restaurants and fast food shops use MSG to increase enhance food taste. Although this kind of foods are very tasty to eat but makes you gain real weight in the long term.

Perhaps, you are taking meals several times a day. Please note, every time you eat foods like carbohydrate, your body produces insulin. This is the fat-storing hormone of the human body. Although it is necessary for a human body, the excess can cause weight gain.

Maybe you are fond of sugar and having sugary products twice or thrice a day. Please note, I am talking about the refined white version of sugar. Although, it has no harmful content in it, but do not has any other minerals than only raw sugar. Therefore, your body uses it’s stored minerals to digest sugar. Mineral deficiency leads to weight gain.

In other words, you may experience deficiency of minerals because of eating more than one tablespoon sugar a day. Deficiency of minerals means less body function. The less your body functions, the less weight you lose or perhaps the more you gain.

Perhaps, you are snacking between meals. This is one of the most common reasons for not losing weight. Also, I haven’t seen anyone eating healthy while snacking. Chips, bread, pasta, crackers and a similar group of snacks are some of the reasons for not losing weight.


I believe you got a clear idea about how to lose weight at home by reading this article. Perhaps, you may forget the system as there is another theory called out of sight out of mind. It is strongly recommended to follow the rules for at least a couple of months to get the maximum benefit.

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Last modified: May 8, 2020