How to lose weight (101 Rules)

You will learn 33 rules to lose weight in this article. Following my advice will definitely bring you some serious results and change your entire lifestyle. First I will cover the rules to lose weight. You may maintain them for good. Perhaps, you are ignoring the essential facts. Therefore, you are not getting a result.

You can count me as your permanent nutritionist. I demand that no other human being knows more about the human body than myself. Even it is more than a miracle gifted to us by the most merciful Lord. Perhaps, we are misusing it without even know that we are doing so.

For example, our merciful Lord said, eat from which I have given to you. Perhaps, we are always ignoring the command and going for processed foods made by a human being only. Like, we are eating pizza, burgers, pasta, crackers and other food that are full of MSG. As a result, we are increasing belly fat and getting overweight.

Perhaps, you are drinking too much soft drink or tea and coffee with sugar. None of them is produced by our merciful Lord. Those are only the refined versions made by a human. In other words, these kinds of foods do not contain the necessary minerals to function your body.

Finally, I will be discussing the real food and how they work with our body. You will consequently be able to take complete control over your body to maintain a perfectly balanced weight.

Again I will discuss the things you may avoid. In addition, it is possible to lose up to one hundred pounds of weight with my rules. Please make sure that you just need to know the functions of our body for that. So, let’s get in and start losing weight for good.

Table of content

1. Maintain essential rules to lose weight
2. Do not ever touch refined sugar
3. Let’s think one step further with sugar
4. Get healthy to lose weight
5. Perform meal deficiency habit for best result
6. Gear down insulin level to burn fat
7. Maintain a food journal with daily intake data
8. Drink lukewarm water in an empty stomach
9. Drink enough water to balance your body
10. Have enough sleep in the night
11. Avoid persons that prevent your weight loss process
12. Forget the calories and just reduce or cut down sugar
13. Maintain six hours eating window
14. Drink water one hour before and after the meal
15. Eat high protein breakfast
16. Start your breakfast with eggs
17. Increase your fat intake
18. Have a moderate amount of protein
19. At least seven to ten cups of vegetable a day
20. Cut down your carbohydrate intake
21. Eat complex carbohydrate
22. Chew food properly and until melt in the mouth
23. Sleep properly for at least eight hours every night
24. Eat enough fiber to make your stomach full
25. Prepare a purpose home workout plan
26. Increase spices intake to burn more calories
27. Use blue plates to eat less
28. Pay deep attention to your portion control
29. Plan your meal for the week
30. Go for your grocery according to meal plan
31. Do not limit your calories, but carb only
32. Drink a glass of milk an hour before sleeping
33. go for a cold bath to boost metabolism
34. I am working on the rest 68 rules.

Some specific situations to avoid for maximum weight loss

1 Do not eat refined carbohydrates
2 Say no to simple carbohydrate
3 Do not ever go for fast food – Cut test increasing chemicals
4 Do not eat carbohydrates with fat.
5 You may not have protein with sugar or sweets.
6. Do not drink your calories
7. It is not a good idea to drink energy or sugary drinks
8. Do not cheat yourself with junk foods

Rule 1 – Maintain essential rules to lose weight

The first rule is, eat whenever you are hungry, but make sure about six hours eating window. Resting for 18 hours without eating will definitely digest all your food. However, if you are willing to eat more hours, then I have some additional pounds of weight as a gift for you. The decision is completely yours.

The second rule is, eat what you like. The reason is, restricting your favorite foods will lead to food craving. So, you will end up eating sugary food to satisfy yourself. In addition, make sure to eat only real food instead of refined carbohydrates. The reason is, they have hidden sugar and will definitely gift you with some additional burden.

In addition, I have sugar alternatives for you. I mean, you may go for a healthy fat group of foods. It will definitely work as an alternative to sugar for you. Moreover, you will not trigger insulin in this way. Therefore, you will lose some real load.

The third rule is, stop when you are full. Let me make it clear. Our metabolism produces it’s the best temperature when you get hungry. Similarly, it goes down when you are full. So, eating more to fulfill your eyes is not a good idea. Even, it is like putting food to digest after turning off body temperature. Again, it is your choice if you want to eat until your eyes get satisfied, but make sure that the temperature is zero after your stomach is full.

Breaking any of these three essential rules will gift you with an additional five pounds per year. Similarly maintaining them will lead to two to five pounds of additional weight loss every year. Therefore, please consider asking yourself if you are willing to get five pounds weight worth gift this year.

Rule 2 – Do not ever touch refined sugar

Please do not ever even think of sugar if you are really willing to lose weight. I got several patients that are asking about calories. Like they are asking, how much calories should I eat. My simple angry answer to them is – forget about calories and just cut down sugar. So, you will lose weight forever.

Do you know that we develop maximum diseases because of sugar? By the way, is this a natural food, which is produced from nature? A simple answer to this question is – NO. Even it is made by the human. So, you cannot even get the necessary minerals from it.

So, what will happen next to your body? Now you are on point and asked the appropriate question. Your body needs enough minerals to digest sugar. Therefore, it will use it’s stored minerals to digest this so-called sugar.

Perhaps, you got the solution finally. So, there is nothing to worry about now. Am I right? – Not really and you have lots of things to worry now. Let’s think practically now. If you perform calorie deficit along with minerals from your body like this to digest this so-called sugar, then you will face several health issues.

Let me make you understand with simple examples instead of going to medical terms. So, you can understand properly. For example, your body is spending potassium to adjust and digest sugar. Deficit potassium in this way means your body will not be able to balance sodium quantity.

The result of this small fact will delay your weight loss process for at least seventy two hours. However, sugar is very tasty to eat, isn’t it? Furthermore, using zinc from the body to digest sugar is not a good idea, because it activates all sixteen enzymes of our body and responsible for sound sleep.

About next rules to lose weight before I proceed further

Are you still in for the additional rules to lose more weight? If you are still in, then let’s start burning the maximum fat. The above rules were the top three essential rules and now I will go for the next rules that are also very much important. So, you will be losing up to a hundred pounds of weight maintaining them.

Rule 3 – Let’s think one step further with sugar

Let me ask you some questions instead of providing you with the harmful effects of sugar.

1. Why do you like sugar so much?
That is because you are used to having it from the beginning. If my answer matches your answer, then it is completely about mindset.

2. Can you have essential minerals to digest sugar?
I do not think so. That is because no one is permitted to sell you single mineral supplements like this. Else, they will have legal issues if they do so. That means, you cannot produce the essential minerals to your body to digest the sugar you are consuming. So, the next relevant question is, why you are throwing your digestive system in trouble?

3. Do you like trading your immune system in exchange for sugar?
I really do not think you are willing to do so. Now, my quest is, why you are trading your health in exchange for sugar? Also, can you imagine that you are paying seven bucks out of ten bucks of your income to doctors and medicines?

4. If you do not have an answer to previous questions, then I have one last question for you. Look, I am not asking you to give up sweets, but only refined sugar items. So, my final question is, why you are not quitting refined and hidden sugar intake?

Again, I am not asking you to quit sweet products of nature, but only refined and hidden sugar items. For example, you have dates and berries, which are good for your health. They have several health benefits like organic honey.

To sum up, you may have all the sweet food group items produced by nature. That is because this kind of food group has all the essential minerals to digest its sugar.

Rule 4 – Get healthy to lose weight

If I ask you why you want to lose weight, then you will say “to get healthy”. Do you know, you are perhaps breaking the rule of weight loss. The rule is to get healthy for losing weight. So, you may not lose weight to get healthy. I hope you get my point.

You have to feel healthy first with your body. In other words, you must need to have tons of energy in your body to burn fat. So, you can tolerate stress with a relaxed body. Again, you will not have any craving going on in your mind. That is the definition of good health.

Please note that you cannot lose weight on top of fatigue, stress or craving. Let me share the good news with you. If you are feeling better now, then you are losing weight now. Furthermore, my checklist with my patients includes their stress level, energy level, craving levels, and sleeping hours.

Again, you just need to get healthy to lose weight. That is because obesity is a symptom of an unhealthy body. On the other hand, losing weight is not a natural thing for your body. That is because your body does not like to go for the process. Furthermore, the main purpose of a human body is to survive naturally.

Do you know, healthy people do not actually gain weight? In other words, if you are really healthy then you are not going to be overweight or obese. Make sure that you are not having food cravings. In short, going for a long period of time without being hungry is another sign of healthy people.

Finally, becoming healthy first may not lead you to lose weight in the first place. Consequently, you will get the best long term result by becoming healthy.

Rule 5 – Perform meal deficiency habit for best result

You may not go for meals until hungry. Also, you may not be snacking between meals. So, you may go for 3 meals on Saturday and Sunday. Then go for 2 meals on Monday and Tuesday. Next, go for 1 meal Wednesday and Thursday. Finally, you can eat your favorite food the entire Friday.

You will be triggering up growth hormones in this way. Above all, these ups and downs meal counts will lead to weight loss. Furthermore, intermittent fasting triggers growth hormone. Perhaps you may feel craving for snacks, but may not be snacking between meals.

Now the question is, what happens if you snack between meals? The simple answer is, you will be spiking insulin in your body. It is the main thing which prevents growth hormone. To sum up, you will not be losing weight if you go for snacks between meals even with this process.

So, what we are actually doing. Well, we are working with our practice of eating and not eating periods. This system creates a fat-burning effect in your body by spiking the growth hormone in your body. Another important during this process is, what should you eat during this specific process?

You must eat at least seven cups of vegetables during this meal deficiency process. So, you will get all your required minerals. Moreover, vegetables are low in calories and high in minerals. Also, they are high in vitamins, which are good for your body.

Then you need protein and an ideal size for that is a palm of your own hand size. In other words, you can go for four to six ounces depending on your satisfaction level. Finally, we will go for some healthy fat foods including peanut butter, nuts, pecans, and avocado. Again, please avoid sugar and starches.

Rule 6 – Gear down insulin level to burn fat

Now the questions, what lowers insulin from our body? First, we will check which food triggers insulin. The answer is carbohydrate triggers insulin in our body. Therefore, we need to cut down our sugar intake first along with refined carbohydrate intake.

Also, we must avoid protein and sugar combination. For example, we may not drink sugary juices while eating chicken or beef. Another example is sweet and sour chicken. Furthermore, the two most common examples are pizza with coke and burger with coke. Eating them together spikes insulin it’s level best. Therefore, a simple solution is to eat food items separately.

Another wrong combination you always get suggestions from others is going for lean proteins instead of fat combined proteins. Lean cuts always trigger insulin higher than fat mixed ones. In short, fat buffers insulin and lean protein spikes this specific hormone.

The next one is excessive protein. It converts to body fat insulin. On the other hand, an ideal amount of protein triggers the growth hormone. Therefore, we need to intake one gram per kilogram of body weight. For example, a person with a weight of two hundred and twenty pounds (one hundred kilograms) needs to have two hundred grams of protein. Eating more than that quantity per day will lead to weight gain.

All the fast-food providers are using MSG to make their food items tastier. This specific item spikes insulin almost double instantly. Are you still planning to have fast food in the near future? Every time you are eating fast food, you are gaining weight.

Whenever you feel stress your body releases stress hormones. This specific item is known as cortisol. To sum up, stress increases insulin. Finally, you may not eat frequently like five times daily. That is because it will spike your insulin level.

Rule 7 – Maintain a food journal with daily intake data

You are the one who controls your food. Again, your food does not control you. Study shows that keeping a food journal doubles your weight loss process. I am planning to share my food journal with you. So, you can have a better idea of how it works.

I always start my food journal by writing the date. Then I write down the current week and set a goal weight for the current week. Next, I go for an action plan to achieve the goal. Perhaps, you already know my first goal while it comes to health. It is intermittent fasting. So, I can give my body enough time to digest food every day.

Next, I list the things that can prevent me from my goal. For example, I never attend ceremonies or any other similar function. Therefore, I only write down notes about what words I will use when saying sorry to them for not attending the party. Trust me, it is a solid way to get rid of excess carb calories.

An interesting fact is, I always ask my patients to maintain a food journal with cab calorie count, but I never write down calories of carb. That is because I only go for vegetables as my carb calories.

I always check my carb count along with protein quantity in grams. However, you must go for calories instead of grams. Like, I can tell you the calorie count after hearing grams, but you can’t. That’s why I asked for a calorie count of carb.

Finally, I am supposed, to sum up, everything. Then I start making modifications for the next week. For example, changing my butter intake with certified butter next week. I change my vegetable groups to increase my taste. I always eat more and burn more.

Rule 8 – Drink lukewarm water in an empty stomach

You must drink lukewarm water in an empty stomach to lose weight. It boosts your metabolism and functions your digestive system with an extra boost. Mainly it helps with the gastric problem of our body. It is a good idea to often drink water at this temperature to burn fat by hitting your body and metabolism.

If you can touch it with your small finger and able to drop it for at least a few seconds, then it is lukewarm water. That is the thing that I am suggesting for. Again, please make sure about the temperature and do not go higher than that. You can simply approve your constipation problem through drinking the same.

Now let’s talk about acidity. Perhaps, you are not planning for lukewarm water in this situation. Probably you plan for cold drinks as your stomach gets warming issues. I recommend going to lukewarm water in this situation. You will get the maximum result in this way. Perhaps, drinking one or a maximum of two glasses of lukewarm water will fix your digestion process in this situation.

This specific item works best for weight loss. It clears the system of your body in the morning. Therefore, drinking a glass of lukewarm water or two glasses will boost your metabolism. So, you will be burning more fat and your digestive process will get activated within no time.

Furthermore, you can add lemon and honey with this lukewarm water. Please make sure not to go for only lemon and warm water or only honey with warm water. This kind of incomplete combination will provide you with negative results. I mean, you will end up gaining weight with this kind of wrong combinations.

To sum up, drink a glass of lukewarm water now and lose some weight for good.

Rule 9 – Drink enough water to balance your body

Two third of your body is fluid, which is water. Therefore, it needs fluid to function properly. I am not talking about only water, but all the fluids we take on a regular basis. Perhaps, you are drinking juice, tea, coffee or protein powder with water. However, none of them is recommended, but the only natural freshwater.

You need thirty-five milliliters of fluid for each kilogram of your body weight. For example, a person with two hundred and twenty pounds of weight needs three and a half liters of water. Similarly, another person who is carrying one hundred and thirty pounds of weight needs two litters and a hundred milliliters of water.

Let me make things more clear. It is not all about water, but all the fluids that you drink. A normal human being drinks soup, lentils water, milk, fruits, and vegetables. Please note, fruits are ninety percent water and vegetables are seventy percent water. It also depends on your physical condition. For example, you may increase the intake limit in a stressful situation. Furthermore, it is recommended to increase water intake in situations like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Perhaps, now you are thinking about the quality of water you need to drink. For example, you are thinking about lemon water or any other similar condition cold water or lukewarm or room temperature. People have a misconception that drinking cold water leads to weight loss weight. It is true that your body burns seven calories to adjust cold water, but it makes your metabolism slow.

Now let’s take the final decisions about water intake. First, you must drink water whenever you feel thirsty. On the other hand, lukewarm water is good for the digestion process. However, it is always recommended to go for room temperature water whenever you are thirsty.

Rule 10 – Have enough sleep in the night

Sleeping is essential for weight loss. In fact, we burn most of our body fat when we sleep. It activates the healing power of your body. In other words, it recovers our body in its own way. A human body has two main tasks to perform. The first one is digesting the food we intake. The second one is to heal our bodies.

Healing your body means recovering your body. That is why we experience instant weight loss right after waking up. Zinc and potassium are essential for your body to get sleep. In fact, these two minerals have lots of other benefits for your body. For example, zinc activates all sixteen enzymes. On the other hand, potassium balances sodium in our bodies.

The human body triggers growth hormones when we sleep. This is the main hormone that is responsible for weight loss. Also, there are five other hormones, which are responsible for weight loss. Perhaps, your body is not triggering growth hormone, because it has digestion task pending. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep at least eight to ten hours to trigger fat burning process.

As we all know, insulin takes at least four hours to a maximum of six hours before getting down. So, think about what if you stop eating four hours before sleeping. Your insulin will go down and your body will trigger growth hormone. As a result, you will be losing the maximum of your body weight when you will sleep.

Eight hours of sleep is mandatory to trigger this process. If you sleep less, then you will not get a result. Moreover, your body will also not recover properly. Therefore, it will also not perform properly. To sum up, you will end up gaining weight. Therefore, go for foods that are high in zinc and potassium for sound sleep.

Rule 11 – Avoid persons that prevent your weight loss process

Let me share my life experience with this kind of situation. I have visited one of my relatives’ couple of years back. Then she served me with eggs and bread in the first place. My regular readers already know that egg is my favorite food and it takes only one hour to digest.

On the other hand, bread takes eighteen hours to digest. Also, it has carbohydrates in it along with fiber. To sum up, it is a solid combination of carb and fat together, which is against my rule. Perhaps, it will take more than the time I was thinking. Also, the fiber in bread will not allow digesting the combination. To sum up, finally, I will have noting useful in my body and it will have a real hard time to digest.

Can you imagine my situation for a specific moment? Also, can you guess the next scenario? Let me explain the next situation, which was very much interesting. I ate the egg and said, it’s very much tasty. Can you bring me two or three more? Then she boiled three more eggs as I expected.

Finally, I ate all the eggs she served and took the glass of water to drink in front of her. Now guess what happened next? I don’t know how, but I dropped the glass on the bread by mistake. Suddenly, she said, don’t be panic, I will bring you more bread with veggies. Immediately I said, that’s alright, I am good.

Finally, I was successful to avoid that carb from mixing with egg. I think you already know that the yellow part of an egg contains the maximum fat. Therefore, eating that with bread leads to carb plus fat combination which is harmful. Therefore, always try new ways to avoid the combination.

Rule 12 – Forget the calories and just reduce or cut down sugar

Sugar is the main reason for being overweight or obese. An average person consumes one hundred and forty pounds of sugar each and every year. In other words, they are gaining body fat in this simple way. Again, you must need to be careful about your sugar intake. The less sugar you will consume, the more you trigger your weight loss process.

Rule 13 – Maintain six hours eating window

In other words, provide your stomach enough time to digest food. So, your body can heal itself and repair all your body damages. The growth hormone will start taking place right after four to six hours from the time you last eat. Then it will use your body fat to produce food to your body. Therefore, you will lose weight by default.

Rule 14 – Drink water one hour before and after the meal

So, you are not diluting digestive juice with water. It will result in a proper digest of your food and you will lose weight for sure. Also, it will repair acidity and similar issues for good from your body. On the other hand, drinking water without out following the rule can lead you with slow digestion. So, you will lose weight slowly again. Perhaps, you will put more food before the previous one gets digested. So, you will gain weight by default without following my rules.

Rule 15 – Eat high protein breakfast

So, you will become full and remain the same for a long time. Especially egg which is my favorite food and is a good combination of fat and protein. Also, it has the necessary acids to balance your body. Make sure that, you may not add soy products including soybean oil in it. This kind of oil has estrogen in it and increases your belly fat.

Rule 16 – Start your breakfast with eggs

Eggs are a natural combination of protein and fat. Moreover, the protein will trigger growth hormone. Fat will make you full longer. Also, it will lower down the insulin. To sum up, you will lose weight additionally.

Rule 17 – Increase your fat intake

As I said earlier, fat will allow less insulin in your body. So, there is no risk of being overweight. Perhaps, you are thinking about rice or any other carb with fat. That will surely be damaging the entire process. So, be careful about your food choice along with unnecessary combinations.

Always go for coconut oil or olive oil instead of soybean. That is because, soybean oil has estrogen in it, which is solely responsible for guts in the middle part of our body which is known as the belly. Furthermore, fish oil along with cod liver oil is the best for our brain and our brain needs at least twenty percent of the minerals we eat daily.

Peanuts along with peanut butter are good for health. However, an excessive volume of nuts intake will definitely lead to neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, my suggestion is for moderate quantity, which is a feast of your hand. Perhaps, you can go for all your protein contents along with fat. So, it will take a long time to produce insulin in your body.

Whole eggs are the best source of fat as per my food choice as a vegetarian. Furthermore, you may go for salad dressings. That is another good source of fat and useful for your body. I prefer going with mayonnaise dressing for my salad.

Pudding is another choice for healthy fat. I prefer adding some chia seeds or any other similar seed to make it fiber-rich. So, it can make me full longer. Please do not ever think of adding sugar to it. Else, you will get the exact opposite result.

I am not fond of cheese and butter, but you can always have that. The only condition is grass-fed. In other words, only go for grass-fed in that case.

More on good fat food items

Fats in all the grass-fed animal products are good fat. I mean, the fat on their meat is good. Therefore, no need to go for lean cuts. Furthermore, having fat on top of them means prevent insulin to spike. This list includes beef, chicken, turkey and all of them are good. Correct on my last sentence, they all are good as long as you do not mix them up with carb.

Cheese, butter, cream are also good as long as they are grass-fed. Olive oil is a good source of fat as it contains Omega-6 acid. It does not create inflammation like soybean oil. Coconut oil is really good compared to palm oil which is not that much worse compared to soybean oil.

Nuts and seeds have healthy oil in them. Furthermore, peanut butter, almond butter, and other similar butter combinations are good. Please do not even think to add sugar to them. Else, you will get the opposite result. Also, make sure about organic and do not add anything additional with them. Perhaps, adding some sea salt will increase the test, but not in high quantity because of sodium.

Avocado is one of the awesome sources of fat. Flaxseed oil is also very good as a fat source. That is because it helps to balance estrogen. Also, does not increase estrogen. Therefore, you may go for that in a moderate amount. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids on top of everything.

Sesame seed oil is really good fat and it is good for human body blood. You can go to tallow instead of lard. I do not like lard as fat as it is from pork. Therefore, I always suggest going to tallow which is made of beef meat which is known as cow meat.

What are the bad fats to avoid?

You must avoid saffron oil and sunflower oil. However, they are not bad, but they are high in omega-6, which will increase your belly guts for sure. Please note, omega-6 is responsible for belly guts. On the other hand, omega-3 works exactly the opposite. So, you just need to have enough balance between both of them.

Some of the bad fats are soy, corn, canola, cottonseeds, and GMOs are high in omega-6. Therefore, I always stay away from them and suggest my patients avoid them. Also, you may stay away from margarine as it is mainly a trans fat. In other words, it is not real fat, but an alternative one. Even it is hydrogenated and you must stay away from it for good. Else it will surely create a problem in your body with estrogen.

Furthermore, always be careful about restaurant food. Especially if they are frying food in a restaurant. That is because of the amount of soybean oil they use. Perhaps, all the ceremonies we attend uses soy and corn oil to save their cost.

What about saturated fat?

You must need to have saturated fat to function your body. However, lots of people along with experts will prevent you from it. Do you know that half of the cellular membranes that you have in your body are saturated fat? It necessary quality of fat is beneficial for our health. However, overdoing it will definitely be harmful to your body.

A study has shown that the more saturated fat you eat, the fewer chances of heart attack you get. I know that it’s really hard to believe, but don’t you think that it’s is a natural fact. Saturated fats do not create any problem in the human body as long as you go for moderate. It is the insulin and the sugar that creates the problem in our body.

There is no study so far that connects high cholesterol with increasing body cholesterol. Do you know why? Because your body makes cholesterol. Furthermore, if you eat more then it makes less. That is the simple logic with the sensor of the human body.

Lastly, one-fourth of the human body plaque that works with arteries is saturated fat. The rest three fourth is made of unsaturated fat. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the consumption of this specific food group. Furthermore, you may only need to concern about the unsaturated ones that come with GMOs. By the way, the full form of GMO is a genetically modified organism and soybean oil holds the highest level ownership of this platform.

Rule 18 – Have a moderate amount of protein

Eating four ounces which is one hundred and twelve grams of protein triggers your growth hormone. However, eating excessive protein results in the exact opposite. For example, you are sixty kilograms of weight, which is one hundred and thirty-two pounds. So, you need exactly sixty grams of protein. Eating more protein than that will increase your body fat.

Rule 19 – At least seven to ten cups of vegetable a day

It has all the nutrition available including zinc and potassium, which are essential for your body. Also, it has vitamin B, which is essential for our body. Furthermore, deficiency of zinc leads to less sleep. This specific deficiency of zinc will also lead your body to work less with enzymes. As a result of that, foods will take a long time to digest.

If you take less potassium, then your body will not be able to balance sodium. Again, it will lead you to nutrition deficiency. To sum up, it will slow down the process and you will lose weight slowly or perhaps, you will gain it instead of losing it.

Now let’s talk about Vitamin B. It is essential for our body. The deficiency of vitamin B means dry skin, hair problems, nail problem, and other similar issues. So, you just need to eat seven to ten cups of vegetables each and every day.

Rule 20 – Cut down your carbohydrate intake

Cutting down your carbohydrate intake at moderate or low will provide you with several benefits. First of all, cutting down carb means producing less insulin. In other words, it means, allowing growth hormones to stay longer. As a result, you will lose weight in the long term.

Rule 21 – Eat complex carbohydrate

Eating complex carbohydrates is better than having simple ones. For example, peas are better than bread, pasta, cereal, and crackers. On the other hand, boiled all purse flour is better than normal flour. Also, it is better than bread, pasta, cereals, and crackers. Green beans are far better than them also. Perhaps, black beans are high in calories and I always stay away from it, but it is better than those simple carb food items.

Rule 22 – Chew food properly and until melt in the mouth

Chewing food properly means saving food breakdown time for your body. So, it can go for the digestion process faster. You will get your foods digest fast following this specific guide. Furthermore, foods must get melted in your mouth before going to your stomach. Similarly, chewing food less in general increase the digestion time as your body suffers more with food breakdown.

Rule 23 – Sleep properly for at least eight hours every night

As I said before, we lose weight when we sleep. In other words, we lose the maximum of it during sleeping hours. The human body goes with four cycles while napping. Therefore, it needs at least six hours to complete all the cycles. To be more specific, each sleeping cycle needs ninety minutes to complete. Further, the human body releases the most growth hormone of it during those four processes.

Rule 24 – Eat enough fiber to make your stomach full

It is a simple formula to eat less in the long term and lose weight. For example, if we eat rice, bread, pasta, cereal or cracker, we will get hungry within no time. Perhaps, we will go for the next meal within the next one hour or a maximum of two.

Human being produces more and more insulin in its body in this way. However, going for peas, peanuts, and black beans, which are high in fiber will make you full longer.

Rule 25 – Prepare a purpose home workout plan

This is the process to boost your metabolism. Again, it will allow your body to produce additional growth hormones. In other words, you will lose weight on top of your diet in this way. I am not asking you to go to a gym, but you can do it in house. For example, you can clean your house including the kitchen.

This process will burn an additional four kilocalories per minute. For example, you work fifteen minutes every day in this way. On the other hand, you will be burning eighteen hundred additional kilocalories per month. It is an equal or a little bit more than half a pound of weight.

Rule 26 – Increase spices intake to burn more calories

Study shows that including spices burns one hundred additional calories on top of the process. That means you will be burning an additional three thousand calories per month in this way. It is almost about a single pound of your body fat. To be more specific, three thousand and five hundred calories equals one pound of body weight.

Rule 27 – Use blue plates to eat less

The study shows that our brain does not like blue color. Perhaps, it likes colorful combinations. Even it works properly with white plates also. Now the question is, why you should go for a blue plate while it works perfectly with other colors of plates?

The simple answer to this question is, simply to eat less. Eat less – is the powerful advice of my ideal person who advised this specific piece of information fourteen hundred years back. By the way, it is proven that the person is more than a serious genius.

Science has proved his words with scientific facts today. To be more specific, the more you eat, especially carbohydrates, the more your body will produce insulin, the more delay you will face to lose weight.

Perhaps, eating more leads you to body fat gain. That is because human body stores the extra food as fat in its own storage. This process is simply for future you. Finally, I want to ask you, have you ever provided your body with enough time to reuse the stored fat? If your answer is no, then immediately switch to a blue plate and eat nature produced healthy foods accordingly.

Rule 28 – Pay deep attention to your portion control

The idea of portion control also comes with the logic – eat less. In addition, you may set your place with only the foods that you will eat. Then eat them slowly and watch food while eating. My suggestion is to enjoy every mouthful of bites that you put in mouth. Consequently, you need to chew foods and make sure to melt them before sending them to the stomach.

It has several benefits and I will discuss some of them. First, we all know that food breaks down after reaching the stomach. My question is, what if the food is already broken? Well, your body will immediately start digesting them if food is already broken down from your mouth. Therefore, please do not send food to the stomach if it’s not completely melted or in liquid or in fluid format through chewing.

Rule 29 – Plan your meal for the week

Planning your meals for the week means limiting calories before you start the next seven days. It will surely lead you to lose weight and even it will speed up the process in double volume. In other words, a study shows that people who maintain a food journal lose weight two times compared to those who do not maintain that.

Now the question is, what you have to include in your weekly meal plan? First, you must include vegetables and salad in each and every meal. That will fulfill the carb fuel demand of your body. Perhaps, you will not go for additional carb, especially simple carb with lots of hidden sugar in this way.

Second, you have to plan your protein. Again, the quantity of protein depends on your body weight. Also, it depends on the weather and several other similar facts. For example, a person with one hundred and thirty pounds of weight must eat at least sixty grams of protein each and every day.

Please make sure that I am not asking you to eat sixty grams of eggs or the same amount of fish or chicken, but suggesting for sixty grams of protein. To be more specific one hundred grams of an egg contains only thirteen grams of protein. On the other hand, the same quantity of fish and meat, especially beef, has nineteen grams of protein.

Now, some people will say that beef is not good for your health. I totally agree with them, but it is good for your health compared to refined carbohydrates including bread, pasta, cereal, and crackers. Perhaps, those people are invisibly mentioning carb plus fat combination. Also, lots of people will prevent you from eggs saying that eggs are full of cholesterol. Please note, I have written a separate paragraph about increasing fat intake.

Rule More, beef and eggs and the myth in our society

I was not supposed to write this paragraph as it’s reaching the limit of words. However, I feel it’s just to write on it in order to clear the confusion. So, let’s discuss the fact before going to the next rule.

For example, we always go for bread or rice with beef which is dangerous for our health and takes longer even long and long and longer to digest properly. Sorry for using the same words three times, but it was just for making you understand how bad carb and fat combinations go together.

Now let’s discuss eggs. First of all, it’s my favorite food choice. Moreover, it is my essential breakfast. Yes, that is right, I eat at least four eggs in boiled format. Sometimes I go for five to six, but I am not recommending you this much high volume. I think one or two will be fine for you.

Perhaps, you will get several people that will prevent you from eggs. They will say, eggs are really bad for health as it is high in cholesterol and fat. Can you please ask them on my behalf that, how much cholesterol is available in an egg. Let me inform you, an egg with seventy grams of weight contains two and a half hundred milligrams of cholesterol.

Now inform them that your body produces more than three thousand milligrams of cholesterol to maintain it’s functionality. So, your society people, especially old peoples think that cholesterol is bad, then please ask them to get rid of their body.

Sorry for being rude, but those two are the frequently asked question from my patients. I already performed several bargaining as a nutritionist with doctors regarding eggs and beef. My first point with them was zinc, healthy fat and choline.

More about zinc and choline in eggs and beef

Sorry for making it long, but I am really not finished yet with this specific topic. But I promise I will not make another paragraph in this topic further anymore.

Let’s talk about choline, healthy fat and zinc. First of all, zinc is essential for our body function. Furthermore, it activates all sixteen enzymes of our body. A useful source of choline is egg and beef. However, I strictly prevent my patients to go for them together. Also, the carb is strictly not allowed while going for them.

Zinc is also essential for sleep. If you have zinc deficiency, then you can’t feel asleep. Therefore, you cannot lose even a single pound of weight in this specific condition. Now let’s discuss healthy fat. It is really good for your body. That is because it takes only three kilocalories to burn one gram of fat. However, carb and protein need eighteen kilocalories to burn one gram of your body weight.

Furthermore, cow meat which is known as beef has all the essential acids that you need for your body. Omega-3, omega-6, and combination of these two acids are included in the list. I am planning to write another article about the acids that cow meat has and which is essential for your body.

Choline is an essential vitamin of our body. The deficiency of choline leads to stone in gallbladder. In other words, you will get stones in gallbladder if you put cholesterol in it instead of choline. Shall I provide you with more information regarding choline? I think I will not do that but I will write a separate post on that in the future.

Look, please listen to your body along with my advice and I am guarantying you that you will lose weight at the maximum possible level if you do so.

Rule 30 – Go for your grocery according to meal plan

This is what I do before starting a new week. Basically shop owners always offer lots of unnecessary things. Finally, I was ending up with lots of unnecessary things. However, they can’t fool me anymore as I do have my own week plan of shopping for my food. Let me share one of the funny stories of my foolish mind in the past.

Someone offered me a free glass with coke. I immediately purchased that. Suddenly I came to know that it is a coke and I am not going for it. Perhaps, I was supposed to say no, but I already purchased it. Finally, I end up with glass but paid more than that. Again, I was thinking what if I purchase a couple of eggs instead of this garbage?

I was quite angry with myself at that time. Immediately I stopped myself from being angry. That’s because I was clearly hearing the sound of cortisol that was released in my body. That time I immediately asked my mind to go down, as my body was breaking down my lean muscles into sugar with cortisol.

Finally, I prepared my weekly meal plan with a shopping list. That was the last time I took something for free as I know the cost of free products. My advice to you is, always to plan your shopping list before starting a new week. So, you will save money and even lots of calories on top of it.

Rule 31 – do not limit your calories, but carb only

Let’s think one step further from our mind with login regarding this specific matter. Lots of people in this weight loss industry will ask you to limit your calories to lose weight. You know what? It is not about the calories but how your body responses with them. So, better you may forget about calories and concentrate on nutrition quantity in food.

For example, may people will prevent you from peanut butter. Do they know the fiber volume in it? Perhaps, they do not know the zinc volume in it? Again, do they know about fiber or potassium? My final question is, do they know about the minerals you need for your body to function properly?

If you come up with – No, then my question is, why you are even thinking of listening to them? Again, listen to me instead of any other human being. That’s because I demand that my merciful Lord has provided me with the best knowledge in this specific section compared to the knowledge of any other human being in the same section.

I am researching with the human body and practicing as nutritionist for a long time. The more I am learning about the human body, the more I am getting astonished. By the way, do you know that your body has a strong censor? Therefore, you can’t even force in your way. Also top 100 weight loss blogs of feedspot are agree with this. It will always follow as per the universal rules of our Lord, as it is the best rule for our bodies.

Again, it is not about calories, but nutrition. For example, a hundred grams of mayonnaise has six hundred and eighty-eight calories, but it’s better than a hundred grams of rice which contain only three hundred and sixty calories only in a hundred grams. Again, mayonnaise is a good source of healthy compared to white rice.

Rule 32 – Drink a glass of milk an hour before sleeping

Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed will lead you with a sound sleep. It has a moderate amount of zinc and protein. I believe, I already discussed zinc above. Also, potassium in milk will balance your sleep. to sum up, you will end up with sound sleep and lose the maximum weight in the long term.

Rule 33 – Go for a cold bath to boost metabolism

This process boosts your metabolism. Your body works with more calories to get your body in normal temperature after a cold bath. A human body is used to increase its neurotransmitter with the help of just twenty minutes cold shower. Even this neurotransmitter gets increased two to three times with a cold shower.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of a cold shower. It decreases muscle pain. So, whenever you get any sort of injury, you must go for this process for the maximum benefit. Consequently, it will decrease joint pain. The recovery process will get the speed up with this specific process.

Conclusion – Why I am not losing weight?

You are not losing weight simply because your insulin and cortisol levels are high. Perhaps, you are not aware of estrogen with soy products. These three hormones are mainly responsible for stopping the weight loss process. Moreover, they are responsible for storing fat in your body.

Insulin is a fat-making hormone. It raises the sugar quantity in your blood. Sugar is mainly responsible for triggering insulin. Therefore, you must need to avoid sugar if you really want to lose weight. In the presence of just a little bit of insulin, your body blocks fat burning for a minimum of forty-eight hours to a maximum of seventy-two hours.

Perhaps, you are eating refined white sugar, sweet cookie or even drinking only a glass of juice. Do you know that you are blocking your fat burning process for the next seventy-two hours?

You cannot lose weight in the presence of even a little bit of cortisol. Again, you cannot even lose your belly fat in the presence of cortisol. It is a stress hormone made by the gland and top of your kidney. Emotional and physical stress are responsible for this cortisol hormone activation. Turning your muscles into sugar is another activity of this hormone.

We may reduce our stress levels. Else we will not be losing weight. In addition, purpose exercise will decrease this kind of stress for sure. Sound sleep is another essential thing to reduce stress from your body and mind. Furthermore, B vitamins, calcium, and potassium. You can get all of them from green vegetables.

Lastly, you need to avoid estrogen. A high quantity of this hormone stores fat in the belly and nearest areas of that. Estrogen produces estrogen. So, you may count that as a never-ending cycle, Soy is very much estrogenic. Most of the pills contain estrogen.

Last modified: May 12, 2020