30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – (Burn Fat)

30 day weight loss challenge is not about cutting calories. It is all about limiting your eating window. So, you may eat 6 hours and may not eat 18 hours.

There are some essential rules that you need to follow. Else you will not be getting any result. First of all, you may not eat sugar and caffeine. Reason is, both of them stops the fat burning process. In other words, they trigger insulin in your body. On the other hand, insulin prevents our body growth hormone.

Next, you have to stop drinking water an hour before having meal. Then you may chew every mouthful properly. The idea is to melt food in mouth before sending to stomach. So, it will not struggle breaking food down before digesting.

Finally, you may have water after an hour of taking meal. So, your body will get enough time to digest food. Our body provides digestive juice whenever we chew food. Therefore, adding water in the middle or right after meal will dilute the digestive juice. As a result, it will get hard to digest food. So, only drink water after an hour of eating meal.

Final two conditions are no carb plus fat and no protein plus sweet. That is because, both of the combinations make digesting process difficult. Therefore, drink water one hour before meal. Similarly drink water one hour after meal.

You will definitely lose weight following the advise without any mistake. Now, let’s check the following advise for the next 30 day weight loss challenge. Each of the advise is from my own experience. Also, these are the pieces of information that I always advise my obese patients. You may also follow them to get the maximum result. First time followers may experience up to 20 pound weight loss.

Table of content

1. 30 day healthy eating challenge
2. Weekly diet plan to lose the maximum weight
3. Including more fat in your meals
4. Weight loss meal plan with shopping list
5. List of food habit to avoid (with reason)
6. How frequently to eat for weight loss
7. Intermittent fasting to trigger growth hormone
8. Meal deficiency to burn fat
9. Limit your carb with veggies
10. Drink enough water and have proper sleep
11. Limit your sugar along with caffeine intake
12. My practical experience with obese patients
13. 30 day weight loss challenge questions
14. Conclusion – My final advise to you

30 day healthy eating challenge

Eat seven to ten cups of vegetables for the next 30 days. It will make your digestive system function it’s best. Moreover, it will make you full for rest of the day. You will not be facing any sort of craving in this way.

Eat one gram protein for each kilo gram of your body weight. For example, if you weight 100 kilo gram, then you have to eat 100 grams of protein for the next 30 days. Eating less protein than that will result in less weight loss. On the other hand, if you eat more than that, then your body will store the extra quantity as fat for it’s future usage.

Eating three to four ounces of protein means triggering your growth hormone. This specific hormone is responsible for weight loss. Moreover, additional lean body mass will burn additional calories from your body. Therefore, you will be success in this 30 day weight loss challenge.

In addition, you may only have moderate amount of carb while shortage. In other words, you may not have carbohydrate while you do not need energy. For example, extra energy is useless at night. That is because, night is the time to sleep and you do not have anything else to do.

Furthermore, only eat complex carbohydrates which takes long time to understand taste. Do not go for simple carb as it is one of the main reason of weight gain. For example, what if I ask you the taste of peanuts. Perhaps you are still thinking the taste of it. Let’s move to a new question. Can you tell me, what is the taste of sugar? How long you took this time to answer sweet?

Let’s have a separate paragraph about your fat intake and it’s usefulness. So, you have clear understanding.

Weekly diet plan to lose the maximum weight

Food choice is one of the key factors to lose weight. For example, let’s think about carb. We think it’s essential for our body and always over load our body with it. Perhaps, we forgot that our body is not designed to eat all day long. Also, no parts of our body is made of carb. It is the essential fuel only.

First of all, you may eat seven to eight cups of vegetables every day. This quantity will definitely balance your sodium level with it’s own potassium. It is a good idea to have one or two eggs with it. I am not advising about fried one, but boiled eggs. Finally, you may add lots of fat in your breakfast. Nuts and avocado both has good fat. Also, coconut oil is another healthy fat source.

Limit your carb in lunch. The idea is to have lots of vegetables in lunch. Furthermore, you may go for fish and chicken. Perhaps, beef is a reason of weight gain, but having hundred to two hundred grams of this protein will not harm you. In fact, it will provide you with almost ninety percent of zinc. So, you will get sound sleep.

You may have fruits before evening, but it is totally optional. The best option is to go for peanuts in right before evening period. So, you will get lots of fat in your body. Again, it takes only three Cal burning activity to lose one gram fat weight. Therefore, you may have moderate amount of nuts, coconut oil, avocado or similar food.

Finally, we will eat very light in the night. The idea is to take almost zero Cal. Therefore, we will go for salad or soup. That is because, both are having very less Cal. Furthermore, you may have vegetables.

Including more fat in your meals

Fat has the most Calories than any other food group. It has more than twice amount of calories. In addition, carb and protein has 4 kilo calories per gram. On the other hand, fat has 9 kilo calories per gram. Is that mean, we need to cut down fat from our diet?

Not at all. In fact, we need to increase the fat quantity in our meals. However, we must avoid carb with fat. That is perhaps the most dangerous combination for your body to digest.

It is not about calories, but nutrition and minerals. Fat do not trigger the weight gaining hormone insulin. Therefore, you will not gain any weight eating that. Moreover, fat calories are the easiest one to melt.

For example, it takes 18 kilo calories to burn 1 gram of carb or protein weight. On the other hand, it takes only 3 kilo calories purpose exercise (like cleaning kitchen) to burn 1 gram fat weight. Our body burns fat even when we lay down or sleep.

One big mistake we all do is taking high carb breakfast. Then we go hungry again after short period of time. Therefore, we eat again and again. The matter of fact is, every time you eat, you trigger insulin. It is the main fat storing hormone that is responsible for weight gain.

Simple solution is to have high protein and fat breakfast. So, you will not feel hungry as that combination will make you full longer. Also, fat food provides similar satisfaction to your brain as sugary food do. Moreover, fat means triggering growth hormone. On the other hand, eating sugar means triggering insulin which is the main fat storing hormone.

To sum up, you may have enough fat (not saturated but real one) to stay craving free and satisfied.

Weight loss meal plan with shopping list

I will discuss about shopping list first. Then I will discuss about the meal plan. So, you will have complete idea for the next 30 day weight loss challenge. Furthermore, you will have better understanding of your meal plan.

First of all, you may not go for shopping in an empty stomach. In other words, it is not a good idea to shop when you are hungry. You will have a strong chance to purchase unnecessary things in empty stomach. For example, your brain will signal food. Then you will purchase things that you may not eat.

I cannot provide you with an exact list of what you will be purchasing. However, I will be guiding on what items not to purchase and completely avoid for good. First of all, you need to make sure about vegetables while shopping. Moreover, you may focus on fresh green vegetables. Furthermore, spinach is another good option for this 30 day weight loss challenge.

The reason I am focusing on vegetables and spinach is they are low in calories. Also, they have enough nutrition available with minerals. You will get all the necessary minerals and potassium from them. However, it is hard to get zinc from vegetables. Therefore, we will go for protein next.

You may have lean meat and fish. Also, eggs are good option for this 30 day weight loss challenge. That is because, eggs will convert their maximum parts in body tissues. This specific protein will trigger your growth hormone and you will lose weight for sure. Make sure about going for whole eggs instead of white part only.

Finally, have some complex carbohydrate. It is a good idea to go for whole grains instead of refined ones. Therefore, totally avoid refined carb items including sugar and other similar food items.

List of food habit to avoid (with reason)

1. One tablespoon extra sugar equals one extra day weight loss block.
2. All carb and fat combinations are hard to digest.
3. Caffeine blocks energy spending capacity for long time.
4. All protein and sweet combinations are hard to digest again.
5. Snacking between meals spike insulin and results weight gain.
6. Drinking right before and right after meal dilutes digestive juice.
7. Soft drinks and energy drinks are high in sugar.
8. Having more than one tablespoon of oil in meal means drinking your calories.
9. You may not add mayonnaise on bread as it is also carb plus fat.
10. Processed foods are high in calories and leads prevent weight loss.
For example, a single slice of pizza (one fourth) equals 2000 Cal or more, but not less.

How frequently to eat for weight loss

You may eat maximum 6 hours a day. So, your stomach will get enough time to digest food. Eating more frequently will result in weight gain. Moreover, our body is not designed to eat food all the day. Therefore, we must limit our eating window.

As per my experience with my clients, they watch television or busy with mobile while eating. That is the first mistake they do. They cannot even feel what they are eating in this way. As a result, they get hungry again after sometime. Finally, they eat lots of sweet dishes to fulfil their craving. In other words, they gain the most of their weight in this way.

You may not watch television or busy with phone while eating. So, you can enjoy the food that you eat. Moreover, you will not be craving for sweets or even for food after your meal.

Also, you will have less food in this way. Like your brain will get signal that you are eating food. Also, it will be satisfied watching the colours of food and tasting them. At this point, you need to eat your food slowly. The idea is to chew every bite properly. Again, you have to melt them in your mouth for the best result.

Your body will provide digestive juice whenever you chew. So, food will get digested properly in short period of time. Then you have to drink water after an hour of finishing meal. So, your overall body will get a solid boost. It is one of the solid ways to boost your metabolism.

Again you may eat for six hours and rest from eating for 18 hours. It will trigger your growth hormone. So, you will experience the best result in this 30 day weight loss challenge period of time.

Intermittent fasting to trigger growth hormone

Intermittent fasting is all about eating for 6 hours and rest 18 hours. It triggers your growth hormone and you lose weight. Moreover, you will definitely lose weight in long term. On the other hand, you get insulin released while eating carb. Insulin stops growth hormone. As a result, your weight loss process interrupts until insulin goes down.

So, we need to limit the insulin releasing process. A simple solution for that is intermittent fasting. Again, it is all about limiting your eating hours and increasing rest duration. I will write an informative post about intermittent fasting and growth hormone.

Meal deficiency to burn fat

This process is all about increasing and decreasing the number of daily meals. For example, you go for three meals Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Then cut back to two meals by Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So, there will be heavy meal days and minimum Cal days.

Your stomach will demand for more food during low Cal days. Therefore, your body will take care of it. It will cut hundred grams of fat from it’s storage and prepare carbohydrate. In addition, you will lose a hundred grams of extra fat during the process. Cutting fat means losing your actual weight.

Limit your carb with veggies

Always limit your carb with veggies only. That is because it takes only four hours to digest. On the other hand, whole grains take around eighteen hours to digest. Also, vegetable has lots of fiber in it. Therefore, you will get less hungry. Furthermore, it has potassium to balance sodium.

Always take care of oil while cooking vegetables. In other words, do not include more than one to one and a half tablespoon of oil in it. Else you are drinking your calories for nothing, which will lead you to weight gain for sure. Spraying oil is the best option.

Drink enough water and have proper sleep

Drinking enough water is key to function your overall body. Similarly, having enough sleep is the key to weight loss. In other words, drinking less than three litters of water leads to weight gain. Similarly, sleeping less than eight hours a day leads to weight gain again.

Furthermore, you may not drink water before and after an hour of meal. That is because, whenever we chew, our body releases digestive juice. Diluting that with water is not a good choice. Also, this wrong combination leads to weight gain. Therefore, maintain one hour gap before and after meal for weight loss.

Finally have a sound sleep. Make sure about 8 hours of sleep. That is because, we burn the maximum fat while sleeping. Also, our body goes in recovery mode while sleeping. However, food needs to get digested before going to recovery mode. That is because, our body can’t perform this specific two tasks together.

A simple solution for that is to take low GI foods. So, it will get less time to digest. As a result, your body will get enough time to recover itself. Beef is another solid solution for sleep as it has enough quantity zinc in it.

Limit your sugar along with caffeine intake

Caffeine blocks energy spending capacity of your body for six hours. In other words, you will not lose weight for long time after having coffee. However, tea has less caffeine in it. A solution is to add enough milk with tea to dilute the caffeine.

Let me explain you a simple logic of mine. If you go for excessive volume of tea or coffee (like 3-5 cups) you are blocking your energy spending capacity. Also, it takes 6 hours to pass through our body.

For example, you are having a cup of coffee in the morning and same amount of coffee in the evening. So, you are preventing your body to spend energy for six plus six equal twelve hours. To sum up, you can’t lose weight like that.

On the other hand, sugar always send our brain signal of food. So, we always think about food. As a result, we eat countless food at the end of the day. Continuing this process for thirty days will definitely prevent weight loss process. You can follow my steps that I personally do. Have enough tea or coffee at the first hours of the day. Then repeat the same process next day.

My practical experience with obese patients

I have got very little number of obese patients that really want to lose weight. Therefore, they always follow advise. However, they do not lose weight immediately and get upset. Finally, I always get a hard time with them. They do not want to understand that any process takes at least two to eight weeks for result.

Then I have moderate number of well balanced weight patients. I am surprised to know their metabolism. For example, their calculated burning capacity is between 1300 to 1500 Cal.

On the other hand, they are eating 2200 to 2500 Cal. Some of them even eating 3000 Cal. Surprisingly they are staying at the same weight. Although I know that, it’s because of their weight set point. I mean, there are certain people with very strong metabolism and set point of their weight. So, they do not gain weight, nor they lose weight from that point.

Now, the final list of obese patients of mine. This is the last but not least horrible experience of mine. This kind of patients know two to three lines more than me. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if I advise them or not. They will follow their own way.

As a result, they gain more weight in long term. Then they get back to me and say – I know why I gained weight. For example, some of them said, I was unable to perform exercise. Some of them said, I got a bad eating schedule this week.

One common thing about those patients is they are not ready to admit that they are obese. Furthermore, they advise me with their way. For example, your formula is not working for me and I know how to lose weight.

My hidden question for them – why you are still obese?

30 day weight loss challenge questions

1. What improvement I can expect?
It totally depends on your metabolism and diet.
2. Can I lose weight by drinking water?
Definitely. Moreover, you will be boosting your metabolism.
3. How much calories to intake?
You do not need to count them, but only limit or cut carb calories.
4. What if I eat 8 hours instead of 6 hours?
You will not be giving your body enough time to digest food.
5. Can you lose weight without exercise?
Definitely. Try intermittent fasting to trigger your growth for that.
6. Can I attend ceremonies while on this challenge?
Simple answer is NO. A single ceremony means wasting one month diet effort.
7. Can I lose weight by walking?
Definitely. However, you may not work more than 40 minutes.
8. What about fasting?
It will recover your body.
9. Can I lose weight by not eating?
You cannot get result without eating. Even you may gain weight in this way. Every time you chew and eat, your body provides digestive juice. So, you must eat properly to lose weight. However, fasting once a week is completely different thing. It triggers growth hormone and you lose real fat weight.

Conclusion – My final advise to you

Our body is not designed to eat all day long. However, we cannot live without our body fuel, which is carbohydrate. Similarly putting excessive quantity of carb in our body leads to weight gain. Therefore, we need to cut carb down to moderate. Finally, we will have our meals two times a day for best result.

You can also have meals three times a day instead of going for two. However, you need to maintain six hours eating window for that also. The best idea is to eat after 4 hours from the time you wake up. Then go for the next meal whenever you get hungry next. Finally go for the final meal at the sixth hour of your regular diet.

It may not affect you until 30 years of age. However, you will start facing the situation after the age of thirty. Especially, I have patients that are over 50 years of age. The main issue that they are facing is their slow metabolism. They are following the most restricted diet rules, but not even getting results.

Therefore, it is the best idea to start maintaining your diet before thirty years of age. So, you will have best food habits with the best result. Also, it will be easy for you to maintain at the age of 50 or more. Moreover, you will not be facing slow metabolism effects by that time.

I am running consulting service regarding this specific issue. Therefore, you can apply for our program to get the most result. This program is completely free for first week. However, we will charge small portion from your salary later. I think you are already paying two third of your income to doctors and medicines. What about offering me your Sunday morning coffee for my consulting service?

Last modified: April 8, 2020